Erin Cousins, Office Manager / Operations Manager

Erin Cousins, Office Manager / Operations Manager

Erin CousinsErin is the newest member of the office team at the Dempster Clinic. Since her start in the fall of 2015, Erin has been hard a work helping patients and bringing her own brand of organization to the administrative team. She has found the clinic a great place to learn and grow as well as a welcoming group who are always open to looking for new ways to make positive change.

Growing up in the country with parents who wholly embraced holistic remedies shaped Erin’s view of health and wellness. This interest in a naturopathic approach is what guided her in become a part of the talented team at the Dempster Clinic.

When Erin is not at the clinic, she plays in 2 rock bands and enjoys listening to music and visiting with friends. Reading is another love; she is never without a book.

Erin has recently started work on a part-time business of her own as an Organizational/Operational Consultant. Her passion for helping others to reduce stress and focus on results-driven change is what drives her.

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