Weight Loss Program

Functional Fat Loss Program

We are thrilled to present The Dempster Clinic’s Functional Fat Loss program, a customized weight loss program that is designed to help our patients reduce body fat and achieve the skills to keep it off once and for all.
95% of all diets fail long term. That’s a staggering number, and recent studies demonstrate how even diets that see short term success in weight-loss, predominantly result in the dieter regaining the lost weight (and often a little bit more for good measure!)
Inspiring, right?
This evidence clearly indicates the difference between a diet and a lifestyle. While challenging, the structure of a program can help individuals lose pounds, but once complete the individual is left on their own again, allowing for poor habits return.
At the Dempster Clinic we provide the necessary foundation for weight-loss success through a combination of comprehensive health history forms, advanced laboratory testing, individualized nutrition and just enough calorie-counting to make sure you are aware of (but not obsessed with!) what you eat.
Once we have you on a tailored, functional fat-loss program, we’ll coach you over 12 weeks to ensure your long-term success. When you complete our program, you will be armed and ready with something you’ve never had before: the tools/techniques to lose the weight in a healthy and sustainable way!

Our Functional Fat Loss Program includes:
A 1-hour initial appointment with one of our Naturopathic Doctors
Comprehensive blood work panel evaluating organ function
(i.e. Liver, kidneys, thyroid and heart)
A 30 minute follow up appointment with your Naturopathic Doctor
1-hour initial appointment with our Holistic Nutritionist
Customized nutrition, lifestyle and supplementation recommendations
A customized, 7 Day meal plan
Two 30 minute follow up appointments with our Holistic Nutritionist
Weekly coaching with our Holistic Nutritionist for 12 weeks

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